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Insane Huge Cumshots

April 2nd, 2009 Roy Posted in Ami and Jaelyn Comments Off on Insane Huge Cumshots

Sluts Share Massive Cum Dump

Last week i entered in Cumshot Surprise Member Area and once again was surprised how they cum like a racehorses.

Cumshot Surprise

They impress teen girls with river of semen every time. How they can do this?
I think they masturbate a few hours before copulating, but stop when they come close to the point of cumshot. The sizable amount of semen produced by their balls and seminal vessels will still be there a few hours later. They’ll have normal amount of semen when they gets off.. Am i right? :sidefrown:
And girls in wild delight. Especially they like sperm derives from pussy girlfriend :quiet:
Ami and Jaelyn on the picture above ..

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