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Eating Boss Cream

November 24th, 2009 Roy Posted in Mouth Full of Sperm Comments Off on Eating Boss Cream

Everybody thinks these girls got a decent regular job. Everybody thinks they make calls, work with papers and receive visitors. Forget this shit! A hard day in the office begins, and the girls know what awaits them. This is something really, really dirty they better not tell their boyfriends and hubbies about! Are you ready to learn the shocking sperm facials truth?

eating boss cream

In the end of the day they will get pussies full of cock and mouth full of sperm!

Guess where these would come from? It’s their boss! The guy knows his way with the obedient employees.

Watch Eating Boss Cream – hot desperate whores getting gallons of muck instead of their salary! The stupid sluts can’t complain! And they also get a free shower at work!

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