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Summer Blu Facial Abuse

November 18th, 2009 Roy Posted in Summer Blu Comments Off on Summer Blu Facial Abuse

Summer Blu is another one who has a loving boyfriend waiting at home for her to return. I don’t get it why boyfriend send their girls to do a sperm facial porn. They get all nutted up and when they come home, the boyfriend is mad. It’s mind boggling. Especially when she is getting mouth fucked, and both her holes drilled. I mean, let’s be 100% honest here… Do you think a regular dude can give it to a whore like Big Red?

Summer Blu facial abused

That’s why these girls get sent home ruined. Her boyfriend isn’t going to be able to lay that kind of pipe. It’s over. Plus, she’s a whore now. Look at her taking 2 peckers at the same time. She’s an average girl too. She did things today she will never do again. Look at the pile of slop on her face. She’s completely owned. I know her boyfriend is going to watch this and really think twice about this relationship.

Sperm Facials Disgrace on Facial Abuse

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