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Are You Ready For Sperm Cocktail?

May 12th, 2009 Roy Posted in Teen Sperm Suckers Comments Off on Are You Ready For Sperm Cocktail?

I wanna tel you about one more adult cumshot paysite featuring Brandon Iron.
This is:
Sperm Cocktail

What teen hussies usually do? They are spread their legs and waiting until they be fucked. But girls from Sperm Cocktail want milk their men a lot of sperm and drink it! More then 55 sperm whales! 55 different men cocks!

For example, there are some descriptions this site weekly updates :

Maggie Star is having a very special day! Maggie begins by sucking Brandon Iron‘s cock in front of a very curious audience then she gets fucked for a little while. But that was only a start. 55 guys (yes fifty-five!!) will gets off in her mouth and she will swallow it all!

or like this:

Bree Olson invites Brandon Iron and his horny mates for a little get together at her place but the guys forgot to bring beer. Bree’s a little disapointed, i guess she’s gonna have to drink something else. The guys will do anything in their power to make amend. Hey Bree Olson, have you ever eard of a cock-tail? You’re about to be served a few shots…

Sperm Cocktail

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