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Vanessa Lee Facial Abuse

Disgrace girl cumming on her head.. Well, site Facial Abuse about it…
Vanessa Lee never did anything rough before. She did some foofy stuff, and she had this attitude like she was too good to be doing this. That’s what made it so fun. Vanessa Lee didn’t want to get messy and avoided having the dick going into her throat. But you can only do that for so long with us. We don’t play that kind of shit.

Summer Blu

The next thing you know she is a mess. Slobber all over, and in her eye sockets. Then we all ran train on her twat. She loved being fucked but it brought back some bad memories. We didn’t give a shit and kept drilling her. Then we all nutted on her face.

Sperm Facials Disgrace on Facial Abuse

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